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TV Wall Mounting Service with St Austell Handyman

Our team of experienced technicians specialises in mounting various types of TV’s on different walls. From assessing the weight-bearing capacity of brick or concrete walls to reinforcing lath or plasterboard walls, our team ensures secure installations.
After booking your designated handyman will arrive fully prepared with all essential tools and mounting brackets, ensuring a smooth TV installation experience. Our team are well-versed in handling various TV brands such as LG, Omnimount, Panasonic, Sanus, Vogel’s, Duronic, Ross, Ultimate Mounts, VonHaus, Peerless, AVG, Toshiba, Sandstorm, Proper, Meos, Lumi, and more. Additionally, we specialise in installing floating shelves, smart mounts, articulating mounts, and implementing effective cable management. If you seek a personalised touch, we also offer tailor made solutions to complement your unique space and interior design preferences.
If you’re unsure about the optimal TV placement, our friendly technicians are ready to provide their expert advice. With a wealth of experience, they’ve successfully installed numerous TVs over the years. Additionally, they can handle cable tucking to enhance safety and organisation.
Scheduling your TV installation is quick and straightforward. Utilise our online booking form to choose a convenient day and time. Ensure you have your TV and mounting brackets prepared, so our skilled technicians can carry out the installation smoothly and securely. Rely on us to enhance your viewing experience with a professionally installed TV. Get a quote today, and your home cinema will be ready for enjoyment in no time at all.
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