On Holiday! Accepting Handyman Bookings for After June 15. Painting & Decorating Services Remain Available.

Garden Services Provided by St Austell Handyman

Give your garden a fresh new look with the expertise of St Austell Handyman. Our skilled team specialises in providing comprehensive handyman services tailored to your garden’s needs. Whether it’s constructing climbing frames, installing or repairing fences and sheds, fixing patios, or setting up new washing lines, your designated handyman arrives fully equipped with all the necessary tools and materials, ensuring a seamless experience for every garden-related project.
Scheduling your garden services is quick and straightforward. Utilise our user friendly online booking form to select a convenient day and time for our handyman to work in your garden. Count on us to elevate your outdoor space with professional handyman services, ensuring your garden is ready for enjoyment this summer!

Frequently asked questions

We are unable to provide services in gardening and landscaping however this is something we are to incorporate into our services soon.
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